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Fifty-One International, District 117

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Active members: 118

Welcome !

The Fifty-One International is an international group of philanthropic service clubs, of which it ensures the harmonious development in the spirit of friendship, esteem and tolerance that characterizes the movement.

The Fifty-One member is a friend who's at least 25, who has responsibilities in society and likes associational life.

The Fifty-One's goals

  • To promote Friendship, Esteem and Tolerance
  • To organize meetings to help and develop a spirit of understanding
  • To foster and guide leisure activities of the young and vulnerable

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Next events of the D117

22.09.2017BrigBesuch des Clubs Mörschwil
23.09.2017D.11751th anniversary, Chinderwält
25.09.2017MoerschwilSitzung 665
28.09.2017BrigNaturpark Pfyn-Finges
21.10.2017D.11751st anniversary, A gala evening

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